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Using Remitbox's Collect you can request and receive payments from anyone in just minutes. All you need is the recipient's name with their mobile number or email address. Our full-stack payment platform is connected to thousands of Remitbox branches nationwide making it easy for the customer to make payments.

A cash disbursement service using the Remitbox infrastructure. Payoutplus can be used for payroll, pension releases, releases of sales commissions and other disbursements that can be made one-time and also repetitive or recurring.

Pasagift is a new product from Remitbox that gives consumers the capability to purchase, deliver, receive and redeem SMS Gift Vouchers, on their mobile device. Pasagift can be purchased on any Remitbox Partner Outlets, delivered as an SMS Gift Voucher and can be stored in the inbox of the customer's mobile phone. Easy to use, functional and convenience over physical cards.

Revolutionizing the way we send gifts.